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11.09.19 October 2019 NCR FSE Microsoft Security Updates

Beginning April 9th 2019 Microsoft are discontinuing the release of “Delta” patches for windows 10.
From this date going forwards, the only regular patches made available for download and testing for Windows 10 1607 x64 will be the “Full” cumulative update patch which is released on a monthly cadence. This patch release includes all patches from the date of the release of windows 10 1607 to the present day and, due to its cumulative nature, the size of this patch increases each month. The overall file is large. For example, the size of the monthly cumulative Update for Windows 10 1607 x64 released by Microsoft for March 2019 was 1394.4MB. There is no means to break this patch down, nor to make it any smaller. There are no other options available.
Due to this change, NCR can only recommend that customers pick up this cumulative patch to test and deploy, in place of the “Delta” patches supplied by Microsoft previously.  
NCR will continue to provide our regularly scheduled Microsoft Patch recommendations that contain the release information for these patches.
If the infrastructure is already in place to provide “Express” updates from Microsoft, then customers can also use this. However, the effective final patched state is the same as when applying the “full” cumulative patches. due to the complexity of testing the express patches NCR can only provide guidance based upon the “Full” cumulative patch releases.
Note: There is no impact on Windows 7 – this change only affects windows 10 patch releases

Microsoft has replaced security bulletins with the Security Updates Guide . Please see the blog post, Furthering our commitment to security updates, for more details. Security issues are no longer listed as bulletins but are listed by CVE number. CVEs are grouped by Monthly Security Rollup for all applicable software.
Anyone creating new software builds for Windows 7 SP1 can use the convenience roll up that was issued in April 2016 and then just install all the security patches since April 2016. The convenience roll up can be found here and includes all security patches up to April 2016.

October 2019 Security Updates
Pre-Requisite - Latest Servicing Stack Updates

Always ensure that you have the latest Servicing Stack Updates: ADV990001

Windows 7

Security Rollup ID: 4520003
Affected Software: Windows 7 for 32-bit Systems Service Pack 1
Critical CVEs: CVE-2019-1333
Important CVEs: CVE-2019-1166, CVE-2019-1315, CVE-2019-1318, CVE-2019-1319, CVE-2019-1326, CVE-2019-1338, CVE-2019-1339, CVE-2019-1341, CVE-2019-1342,
                                         CVE-2019-1344, CVE-2019-1346, CVE-2019-1358, CVE-2019-1359, CVE-2019-1361, CVE-2019-1362, CVE-2019-1363, CVE-2019-1364, CVE-2019-1365

Security Rollup ID: 4519974
Affected Software: Internet Explorer 11
Critical CVEs: CVE-2019-1238, CVE-2019-1367
Important CVEs: CVE-2019-0608, CVE-2019-1357, CVE-2019-1371

Windows 10

Security Rollup ID: 4519998
Affected Software: Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems
Critical CVEs: CVE-2019-1060, CVE-2019-1333
Important CVEs: CVE-2019-1166, CVE-2019-1311, CVE-2019-1315, CVE-2019-1316, CVE-2019-1317, CVE-2019-1318, CVE-2019-1319, CVE-2019-1326, CVE-2019-1334, CVE-2019-1339,
                           CVE-2019-1341, CVE-2019-1342, CVE-2019-1343, CVE-2019-1344, CVE-2019-1345, CVE-2019-1346, CVE-2019-1347, CVE-2019-1358, CVE-2019-1359, CVE-2019-1365
Moderate CVEs: CVE-2019-1325

Security Rollup ID: 4519998
Affected Software: Internet Explorer 11
Critical CVEs: CVE-2019-1238, CVE-2019-1367
Important CVEs: CVE-2019-0608, CVE-2019-1357, CVE-2019-1371

Security Advisories

Microsoft Release Notes for October 2019 Security Updates are available – Click Here.

Historical patching information from December 2017 and earlier is available on Confluence at the following location: https://confluence.ncr.com/display/FSE/Microsoft+Security+Patch+Historical+Archives
If you are unable to access these archives, please contact your Account Manager, who shall retrieve them for you.

Please note only customers and partners who are on software maintenance can be subscribed to this list and only if they have Account team approval.

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