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18.05.20 May 2020 NCR FSE Microsoft Security Updates

Хотим проинформировать, что компания Microsoft, в патчах безопасности для Windows от Декабря 2019 и Января 2020 года:

Windows 7 December 2019 Monthly Rollup (KB4530734)
Windows 7 December 2019 Security-only update (KB4530692)
Windows 7 January 2020 Monthly Rollup (KB4534310
Windows 7 January 2020 Security-only update (KB4534314)

добавила изменение, после которого, начиная с 15 Января 2020 года, на экране начинает появляться сообщение информирующее об окончании поддержки Windows 7.

Сообщение остается на экране до тех пор пока пользователь не закроет его.

Сообщение возникает после следующих действий:

- Разблокирование системы

- Вход (Log On) в систему

- Каждый день с 12:00 до тех пор пока Remind Me Later не будет активировано пользователем.

Решение проблемы:

Для удаления информационного сообщения Windows необходимо задать следующий ключ реестра:




The patches released in January 2020 for Windows 7 are the last official Microsoft patches released for Windows 7 that will be made generally available.

In subsequent months, Microsoft will only release “Extended Security Updates” (ESU) for Windows 7. These will only be able to be installed by those customers who have an agreement to receive them. These will only cover “important” and “critical” updates to security vulnerabilities as categorized by Microsoft.

For more information on ESU, please contact your NCR Sales Representative.

Since April 9, 2019, Microsoft Corporation has discontinued the release of “Delta” patches for Windows 10.  From this date onwards, the only regular patches made available for download and testing for Windows 10 (1607 x64) will be the “Full” cumulative update patch. The patch can neither be broken down nor made any smaller. There are no other options available. Due to this change, NCR can only recommend that customers pick up this cumulative patch to test and deploy, in place of the “Delta” patches supplied by Microsoft Corporation previously.  

NCR will continue to provide our regularly scheduled Microsoft Patch recommendations that contain the release information for these patches.

If the infrastructure is already in place to provide “Express” updates from Microsoft, then customers can also use this. However, the effective final patched state is the same as when applying the “full” cumulative patches. Due to the complexity of testing the express patches NCR can only provide guidance based upon the “Full” cumulative patch releases.

Note: There is no impact on Windows 7 – this change only affects windows 10 patch releases

Microsoft has replaced security bulletins with the Security Updates Guide . Please see the blog post, Furthering our commitment to security updates, for more details. Security issues are no longer listed as bulletins but are listed by CVE number. CVEs are grouped by Monthly Security Rollup for all applicable software.

Anyone creating new software builds for Windows 7 can use the convenience roll up that was issued in April 2016 and then just install all the security patches since April 2016. The convenience roll up can be found here and includes all security patches up to April 2016.

May 2020 Security Updates
Microsoft Release Notes for May 2020 Security Updates are available – Click Here.
Pre-Requisite - Latest Servicing Stack Updates
Always ensure that you have the latest Servicing Stack Updates: ADV990001

IMPORTANT – Windows 7 updates are now only able to be applied by ESU customers.
For more information on ESU, please contact your NCR Sales Representative

Windows 7

Security Rollup ID: 4556843
NCR Severity Rating: IMPORTANT
Affected Software: Windows 7 for 32-bit Systems Service Pack 1
Microsoft Critical Rated CVEs: CVE-2020-1153
Microsoft Important Rated CVEs: CVE-2020-1010, CVE-2020-1048, CVE-2020-1051, CVE-2020-1112, CVE-2020-1113, CVE-2020-1114, CVE-2020-1154, CVE-2020-1150, CVE-2020-1072, CVE-2020-1054, CVE-2020-1067, CVE-2020-1071, CVE-2020-1070, CVE-2020-1078, CVE-2020-1179, CVE-2020-0963, CVE-2020-1116, CVE-2020-1143, CVE-2020-1141, CVE-2020-1061, CVE-2020-1081, CVE-2020-1174, CVE-2020-1175, CVE-2020-1176

Security Rollup ID: 4556798
NCR Severity Rating: IMPORTANT
Affected Software: Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Critical Rated CVEs: CVE-2020-1062, CVE-2020-1093, CVE-2020-1064
Microsoft Important Rated CVEs: CVE-2020-1035, CVE-2020-1060, CVE-2020-1058, CVE-2020-1092

Security Rollup ID: 4556403
NCR Severity Rating: IMPORTANT
Affected Software: .NET Framework 3.5.1, 4.5.2, 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7, 4.7.1, 4.7.2, 4.8 for Windows 7 SP1
Microsoft Critical Rated CVEs: CVE-2020-0605
Microsoft Important Rated CVEs: CVE-2020-1108

Windows 10

Security Rollup ID: 4556813
NCR Severity Rating: IMPORTANT
Affected Software: Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems
Microsoft Critical Rated CVEs:  CVE-2020-1062, CVE-2020-1093, CVE-2020-1064, CVE-2020-0605, CVE-2020-1028, CVE-2020-1117, CVE-2020-1153, CVE-2020-1126, CVE-2020-1136
Microsoft Important Rated CVEs:  CVE-2020-1035, CVE-2020-1060, CVE-2020-1058, CVE-2020-1092, CVE-2020-1108, CVE-2020-1158, CVE-2020-1157, CVE-2020-1010,  CVE-2020-1021, CVE-2020-1048, CVE-2020-1051, CVE-2020-1090, CVE-2020-1077, CVE-2020-1124, CVE-2020-1112, CVE-2020-1113, CVE-2020-1114, CVE-2020-1125, CVE-2020-1156, CVE-2020-1154, CVE-2020-1149, CVE-2020-1076, CVE-2020-1079, CVE-2020-1072, CVE-2020-1068, CVE-2020-1054, CVE-2020-1067, CVE-2020-1071, CVE-2020-1070, CVE-2020-1131, CVE-2020-1078, CVE-2020-1144, CVE-2020-1088, CVE-2020-1179, CVE-2020-1184, CVE-2020-1185, CVE-2020-1186, CVE-2020-1186, CVE-2020-1187, CVE-2020-1188, CVE-2020-1191, CVE-2020-0909, CVE-2020-0963, CVE-2020-1116, CVE-2020-1123, CVE-2020-1132, CVE-2020-1164, CVE-2020-1143, CVE-2020-1141, CVE-2020-1139, CVE-2020-1061, CVE-2020-1081,  CVE-2020-1082, CVE-2020-1134, CVE-2020-1084, CVE-2020-1086, CVE-2020-1174, CVE-2020-1175, CVE-2020-1176, CVE-2020-1189, CVE-2020-1190

Security Advisories
No new applicable security advisories in May 2020


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