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15.09.17 September 2017 NCR FSE Microsoft Security Bulletins Recommendations

Microsoft has replaced security bulletins with the Security Updates Guide . Please see the blog post, Furthering our commitment to security updates, for more details. Security issues are no longer listed as bulletins but are listed by CVE number. CVEs are grouped by Monthly Security Rollup for all applicable software.
Anyone creating new software builds for Windows 7 SP1 can use the convenience roll up that was issued in April 2016 and then just install all the security patches since April 2016. The convenience roll up can be found here and includes all security patches up to April 2016.

September 2017 Security Updates

Security Rollup ID: 4038779
Affected Software: Windows 7 for 32-bit Systems Service Pack 1
Critical CVEs: CVE-2017-8682, CVE-2017-0161, CVE-2017-8696
Important CVEs: CVE-2017-8675, CVE-2017-8676, CVE-2017-8677, CVE-2017-8678, CVE-2017-8679, CVE-2017-8680, CVE-2017-8681, CVE-2017-8683, CVE-2017-8684, CVE-2017-8685, CVE-2017-8687, CVE-2017-8688, CVE-2017-8628, CVE-2017-8695, CVE-2017-8699, CVE-2017-8708, CVE-2017-8709, CVE-2017-8710, CVE-2017-8720

Security Rollup ID:
Affected Software: Adobe Flash Player
Critical CVEs: ADV170013

Security Rollup ID: 4036586
Affected Software: Internet Explorer 11
Critical CVEs: CVE-2017-8748, CVE-2017-8741, CVE-2017-8747, CVE-2017-8749, CVE-2017-8750
Important CVEs: CVE-2017-8733, CVE-2017-8736

Security Rollup ID: 4040960
Affected Software: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2
Important CVEs: CVE-2017-8759

Security Rollup ID: 4040957
Affected Software: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6/4.6.1/4.6.2/4.7
Important CVEs: CVE-2017-8759

Security Rollup ID: 4040966
Affected Software: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1
Important CVEs: CVE-2017-8759

Re-released Bulletins:
There were NO re-released bulletins that affected Windows 7 SP 1 this month.

Major Revision Increment Releases:
1.    CVE-2016-0165
2.    CVE-2016-3238 
3.    CVE-2016-3376
4.    CVE-2017-8529 
5.    CVE-2017-0213
6.    MS16-039
7.    MS16-APR
8.    MS16-087
9.    MS16-JUL
10.    MS16-095
11.    MS16-AUG
12.    MS16-123
13.    MS16-OCT

There were NO advisories that affected Windows 7 SP 1 this month

NOTE: Included this month is a document providing guidance for installing Microsoft Updates on Self-Service Terminals.

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